Welcome to the only website devoted to Road Ghosts - in fact, to a very specific category of ghost - the Phantom Hitch-Hiker/Spectral Jaywalker. As a web-companion to a full-length treatment that rigorously examines this global phenomenon from the perspective of arguably the world's foremost example (Blue Bell Hill, England) the contents of this site are necessarily less than exhaustive. Nevertheless, I hope there is sufficient material presented here to interest both casual reader and serious inquirer alike. Many of the cases here, particularly from the UK, are presented here for the first time.

                                                                                                                                                                      Sean Tudor (Feb. 2017)





New visitors - If you are a new visitor to this site, I recommend starting with the introductory Walkin' After Midnight, which will provide a guide to the site's overall content and theme. 

While ROADGHOSTS.COM was launched originally as a web-companion to my work on the case at Blue Bell Hill, Kent (UK), the site slowly developed its own style and content that supports and augments that original work. One of the areas that fell outside the scope of the book project  - and which can be more properly accommodated here - was a modest accounting of road ghosts from elsewhere in the UK and beyond. I am therefore pleased to be able to report that this website is attracting new and original accounts to add to those already documented in the literature. 

New additions shall be announced on this page, or can be accessed via the Cases link here or under Navigation. A relatively new consideration is to extend the site's scope to acknowledge those road haunts I have termed 'Other' that are thematically similar, but which do not accord with the strict Phantom Hitch-Hiker/Spectral Jaywalker 'script' involving ostensibly human figures that are this site's chief focus. 

With the continued contribution of readers' own accounts and the co-operation of like-minded websites and organisations, the aim of this site is to develop into a detailed region-by-region guide to the UK's haunted roads, and to collate similar eyewitness-supported testimonies from across the globe.

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Since the launch of this website in 2001, when there was relatively little in print or the Internet regarding road phantoms of the type described in these pages, I have followed with interest the advances the subject has made into the public consciousness. This has been achieved  through various channels, all assisted by the ready and instant availability offered by the Internet. Thus today we see Road Ghosts more widely presented  than ever before in the printed media, on television and on the big screen (for instance in 2003's Dead End, Gothika (2004) and the pilot episode of the popular series Supernatural (2005). 

While I can't begin to take credit for all of the forms exhibited, I have been able to gauge the influence of this website by the numerous other sites, magazine articles and books that have appeared since which have made reference to the Blue Bell Hill case - particularly where they have used material (based on original research) for which this site has been the only available source. Where properly used, I have held no objections to the use of the material presented on these pages, and the recurrent recognition of the Blue Bell Hill story, even in usually brief and/or distorted form in other works, has had benefit of both promoting the subject and of reinforcing my earliest conviction that the full and complete story of Britain's foremost road ghost is deserving of a wider audience. 

This website has purposely withheld from presenting more than a taste of the fascinatingly complex - and poignant - story of Blue Bell Hill's ghost and the real-life events at its heart  - and so I am pleased to be able to announce that, finally, the full, definitive story is now available. Get your copy here:

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