Blue Bell Hill

The Ghost(s) of Blue Bell Hill

Finally, the definitive treatment of Britain's foremost road ghost case by Sean Tudor is available NOW


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Dec 2016

'Ghost seen on A15 is a dead motorist who appears to warn speeding drivers'

Sept 2016

Ghost of a Young Girl Spotted on Road; a car drives through her body

June 2016

Proof of ghosts? 'Road crash victim' filmed walking across busy highway

May 2016

Does this video show a GHOST walking through a forest? Creepy footage captures shadowy figure by side of road

April 2016

Teenage ghost girl’ haunts commuters at Macquarie Fields railway station

'Ghost bride' filmed hovering spookily at horror crash hotspot where newlywed died 27 years ago

Jan  2016

Japanese Taxi Drivers Claim Ghost Passengers in Tsunami-Affected Area

October  2015

'Downton Abbey period ghost' spotted in tunnel as traffic drives through spooky figure

Northern Frights at Halloween - The Coalisland Hitchhiker

Mar  2015

Ghost or human? Readers have say on mystery woman

Feb  2015

Ghostly goings-on hit the haunted highway to Haverfordwest

December  2013

A Japanese TV commercial advertising tyres has gained some notoriety following its use of the road ghost theme. Check it out here

 June  2012

Woman in white gives men a fright on midnight drive


             December  2011

Phones4U's ghost advert complaints rejected by ASA

See the video here

A Ghostly Tale for Christmas

November  2011

'Too scary for children': Creepy Phones4u advert of ghost in car park is investigated by watchdog after hundreds of complaints

October  2011

The Top 17 Haunted Roads and Highways in the World

Ghostly Gold Camp Road

April  2011

'Ghost' filmed on live tv

                    Feb  2011

Who you gonna call? The ghostBUSters!

November  2010

Mystical Moscow

A Spectred Isle

October 2010


From the A15 terror who jumps on cars to the rabbit demon ... our haunted highways

Haunted Dallas: Resident ghosts make their presence known

Asheville, Chimney Rock ghosts ready for Halloween

The Inland Empire's top 13 ghost stories

Susan Hill: 'Ghosts have been good to me'

Nic Cage actually is GHOST RIDER this time...

Is that a ghost on a cell phone, in 1928?

Ashland's girl ghost was real 

A ghost story on the North Shore

Police question roadside 'ghost' 

Ghost magnet

'Ghost Bike' Honors Bend Man Killed at Crosswalk

Fortean London: A Ghost In Every Borough: Barking to Enfield

Ghost train hunter killed by a real train!


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