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I would like to formally thank everyone who has visited Roadghosts.com since its launch in 2001, but particularly those who have contributed with their own experiences or taken the trouble to leave their comments on the site Guestbook. 

Comments by Guestbook or e-mail have been overridingly positive and encouraging. A selection of those comments are shared here.



What a great site, one which shows the facts. I like the Kent and Sussex area and was thrilled to see some paranormal history to the area. This site will be great for those with a paranormal interest such as ghost hunters and those interested to the Kent area. 

Bell Gaston-Johnston


A very detailed and informative site, very explanatory and leaves no stone unturned.

K A Harris

Stourbridge, West Midlands




What a really fab site. It was really interesting reading through it. I live locally to BlueBell Hill, so I have heard the rumours regarding the hitch hiking ghost. It was interesting to read the real facts, not the made up legend. It was great reading about all the other sightings from around the world. Will keep looking at this site in the future.                                            


Julie P

Kent (UK)



What a brilliant site. Very interesting and gives great detail about each case. I will be back to check any updates.

Becky Rhoades



What a fantastic website, very very interesting.

Tracy Brierley


Excellent site, well written and researched. 

Mark McCarthy Georgetown, Texas


Really awesome site, keep going aye loved it.


Mataura, NZ



What a great site. I was looking for some info on road ghosts and I need look no more. This is the place to be on that subject.





You have an informative and entertaining site. My compliments on a job well done.     




Thank you for the wonderful website and information. I will be back soon. 



Great website - very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed visiting.



I am glad I happened across your ghostly site tonight!! 

Lady Sabrina




This is is a very class[y] site and I would like to thank all the people who designed and published the site because it is one of the best ghost sites out there.





I came here after watching a program of the BBH Ghost on the FTN channel. As a exiled Medway citizen who lived in BBH village between 1988 and 1990 I can vouch for the unsettling and isolated nature of the place. Certainly I have heard of ghost walker in the area but until I came to your site I didn't know of how widespread the sightings were and how far the interest had grown. My memories of the place have been given a new twist; needless to say I could have easily encountered the Old Chatham Road crone in my wandering around the woods above the road.

A fascinating subject handled very well by your site.

D J Arrowsmith



Thanks for these terrifying stories. I love them.




Brilliant site - whiled away an hour!

Toni Mannell




Brilliant site! Really intrigued by your ideas about these being manifestations of the genius loci of places disturbed by development. Fascinating theory.

J Brassington

South Lanarkshire



I would like to say this is a very interesting website, but I have lived in Blue-Bell Hill village for two years now + not once have I experienced any ghostly encounters!!!!

Katherine Read



VERY GOOD! Clear and informative. Well done and keep it up!

Andrew Blake



Terrific website - completely fascinated by the stuff about Bluebell Hill's ghost...thanks.


Herne Bay, Kent



Very interesting site and answers some questions for me...nice to know I'm not the only person who has experienced a Road Ghost.

Ben Pickett





This is a really good site. I have just watched a programme on Blue Bell Hill on cable would love to go there some time and see for myself.


Southend-on-Sea (Essex)


Hello, have thoroughly enjoyed reading your investigations into the BBH ghost. Being from Maidstone, have heard of this story and remember reading the stories of Ian Sharpe in the newspaper. I have a genuine interest in the paranormal and enjoy studying this subject.

Mike Friday
Ramsgate, England

This is a great site. I read the one about the Bredhurt Story and man if I was that girl I'd be sh..ing myself so bad. Plus I only live about 15 mins from there. Anyway, good site.

Scott Long



Outstanding site. I only wish more would do the kind of serious research you do. Again, fascinating and any publisher worth its salt should snap you up in a minute!


Maryland, USA




Very impressive site! Well researched and well written - I hope you find a publisher for the book. I for one would certainly buy a copy. 

James Clark
Mitcham, Surrey, UK



Very well presented, informative site. Excellent work Sean, I'm glad to see some objectivity in the field of the paranormal. Big Cat info not bad...Ghosts..Wow!!!


London, England



Well done Sean on a well researched, intelligent and well laid out site. Interesting accounts of this scary and fascinating branch of ghost stories. Keep it up mate.





Brilliant site, glad to see the definitive research into the Blue Bell Hill Ghost enigma. As well as the exhaustively studied exotic cat information. Glad to see someone knows what they are on about!





Always interested in the strange stuff, interesting and good for research for writing, my own and material for other writer friends. Great site, interesting reading, well written too, I sent your link on to friends.

Jan Caldwell





Great site Sean. I have been interested in the BBH Ghost for sometime. It's great to see that there is a website that covers this type of haunting. Well done Sean, keep up the good work.

Martin Bleasby
Letchworth, Hertfordshire



A great website for a great subject. Very interesting! This is the first website that I have come across that deals with roadside ghosts in detail.

Alan J H

N. Ireland



Finally got around to finish reading this great site, I think it's fantastic, can't wait for updates, keep up the good work.





Well, I was looking for definitive BBH stuff, and your site has more than provided me with what I wanted. Many thanks for a good site.





Through experience I am a believer in ghosts etc. I found your site very interesting and will come back regularly. Keep up the good work!!!

Leonie Holmes

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  




I have seen paranormal sites but this is the best.

R. Niyatee