Technically, a ghost needs only to venture onto a road to qualify as a Road Ghost - and, as has been acknowledged, this category can include ghosts of animals and vehicles, even phantom stretches of road! Where ghosts of people are concerned, they may appear as passive figures on the roadside, or as drifting apparitions seen from some distance. This site has more or less restricted itself to those instances where the phantom's action is ascertained to be more deliberate, and where the reports are properly furnished with witnesses' names, and as precise-as-possible locations and dates. Inevitably, the sample below is less than exhaustive. Its content is purely illustrative, and is not intended to portray regional or national variations in numbers or types of case, although the clustering of certain events is certainly noteworthy and significant, I think. 

The weight of so very many similar encounters certainly evidences something very strange on our roads. The real question is one of interpretation. In some instances, the figure would seem to be genuinely connected with a real person from the past - a victim of accident or other tragedy. In many cases, however, certain repetitive features recur so frequently that we are prompted, perhaps, to look for other explanations. Chief amongst these is the frequency with which the figure steps out in front of a vehicle with the deliberate intention, it would seem, of inciting a collision. Beyond this feature of the accounts that follow, I bring to your attention and invite you to compare the descriptions of the 'ghost', where they appear (often on bends, hills, bridges, tunnels, at standing bodies of water or water courses), their specific actions, and the dates/timing of the encounters.

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